As a student of several of Courtney Evenchik's classes, I can truly say that she delivers highly pertinent information with clarity, passion, and humor. I have found her advice invaluable and my ability to converse with my children greatly improved. I have come to see challenges through a new and improves lens and would highly recommend her classes.

Yael, mother of 2, Cleveland, OH

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Who's The Boss Book Cover

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Although many have wished it so, our children do not come with an instruction manual! There is, however, something as close to an instruction manual as you can find and it's called: "Who's the Boss? Moving Families from Conflict to Collaboration."

The book is the collaboration of child-care experts Susan Glaser, MA and Arthur Lavin, MD, and focuses on presenting effective solutions to these most common parenting problems:
  • Getting infants to sleep through the night
  • Avoiding fights about and worries over what children eat
  • Toilet Training
  • Discipline
  • Sibling Rivalries
  • Separation Sadness connected with child care
Now in its second edition, "Who's the Boss?" has 58 MORE pages, filled with new and insightful tips and information and a complete set of How To Guides for quick and effective referrals in a moment of crisis.

Reviews & Testimonials

"Most books on parenting barely scratch the surface, but Who's the Boss? delivers solutions that address the core of the challenge of being a modern, caring parent."

Dr. Marjorie Greenfield, Obstetrician
Author or "Dr. Spock's Guide To Pregnancy"

As a student of several of Courtney Evenchik's classes, I can truly say that she delivers highly pertinent information with clarity, passion, and humor. I have found her advice invaluable and my ability to converse with my children greatly improved. I have come to see challenges through a new and improves lens and would highly recommend her classes.

Yael, mother of 2, Cleveland, OH

"After spending time with Who's The Boss?, I saw an immediate transformation in how I spend time with my children. Their principle - that discipline is about teaching, not about punishment - has enriched my relationship with my children."

Alicia Stillman, Parenting Center Director
JCC of the Greater Palm Beaches

"Every mother should read this book."

Kay Ariel
Family Counselor

"Most parenting books are all so stupid but this one was dense, no wasted words, loads of great ideas, and specific, very effective guidance."

Simone Jowell
Parent, Cleveland, OH

"My three year old could not sleep through the night until I read Who's the Boss? and tried this approach. After four days following their rules, he began sleeping through the night, transforming the family."

Lynn C. Parent
Beachwood, OH

"I heard ms. Glaser speak in my home town about discipline. I went home and used their techniques. Twenty-four hours later, our family was transformed."

Palm Beach, FL

"Parenting books tend to have one process that is repeated over and over leading nowhere, but Who's the Boss? offers a broad and profound philosophy with specific applications in so many of the most challenging parenting situations, and they work!"

Jackie LeMay, Parent
Cleveland, OH

"At the heart of their message is this: Parents often want to eliminate conflict, but that goal is not only unlikely, it's unhealthy. Conflict is an important part of normal childhood development... Rather than spend time and energy trying to avoid all conflict... parents should focus on managing it effectively - in a way that teaches their children valuable life lessons. Generally, that means understanding the importance of your words and the power of letting your child know you understand his feelings even if you can't accommodate them."

Pat Morgan
Review in Palm Beach Post

"Who's the boss? offers parents a philosophical framework for understanding not only the futility of avoiding conflict, but also the value in acknowledging and meeting it. The book follows up with practical techniques for coping with conflicts in several areas: sleep, feeding, discipline, toilet training, sibling rivalry and child care, and preschool separation issues."

"Who's the Boss? is reader-friendly: bullet points and callouts highlight important points. Glaser and Lavin assume their readers are educated, introspective, and willing to examine their parenting beliefs honestly."

Cleveland Jewish News

"In my dual role of bookstore owner and child psychologist, I welcome Who's the Boss for highlighting the inevitability and usefulness of conflict in a young child's development. By setting age appropriate goals and helping the child to achieve them, the child gains a sense of mastery and self respect so that she can become a 'junior boss' in the evolving parent-child relationship."

Dr. Jane Kessler
Former President, Ohio Psychological Association

"We were struggling with some food issues (refusing to eat what I gave him, etc.). I read your book and resolved the problem. I was being too emotional, too concerned that he wasn't eating. I gave all of that up and it's not a struggle. It's much better. Thank you. It helped a lot."

Joanna B., Parent
Oakland, CA

"Kobi was sitting on the potty last Thursday (day two of this adventure) when the doorbell rang. It was a friend of ours who had come to deliver a hand me down Little Tykes car bed for Kobi. Our friend asked where to put the bed and I hesitantly said, "In his room." Now I know that no one would think it's a good idea to try to potty train a three year old and move him to a big boy bed in just two days - but at nap time Kobi insisted on sleeping in the bed. He's been it every night and nap since. We took the crib down over the weekend - so there good bye baby, hello big boy! To say that he is proud of himself is the understatement of the century."

Amy E., Parent
Cleveland, OH

"These parenting classes are a lifeline. With Courtney's easy-going style and wealth of knowledge and skills, she provides tips for better parenting in a respectful manner. She encourages me to try my best and not to beat myself up for failures. I have gained so many skills, ideas, and self-confidence from attending these classes that help me be a better parent and person."

Mother of 3, Cleveland, OH

"I was having some difficulty with my 3 year old son and after meeting with Courtney the issues have gone away. Her parenting advice was extremely helpful, my son is now a pleasure to be around. He is like a different child. The skills she gave me worked so well it was as if he had a fever and I gave him Tylenol! Courtney was able to identify the challenges between my son and I and then give me skills to use that proved to be successful."

Mother of 6, Columbus, OH
Baby & Toddler Sleep Solutions For Dummies

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Sleep problems are some of the most common issues parents face with their kids, according to a recent University of Michigan Health System study. In fact the National Sleep Foundation says that nearly 70% of all children experience one or more sleep-related problems at least a few nights a week. If you’re a parent or caregiver seeking tips, advice, and guidance to help get your baby or toddler to fall asleep (and stay asleep!) peacefully, you'll want to get a copy of "Baby & Toddler Sleep Solutions For Dummies".

With two schools of thought for encouraging babies to sleep through the night—the hotly debated Ferber technique of letting the baby cry it out, and the deal with it solution of getting up throughout the night from dusk to dawn—Lavin and Glaser describe a middle of the road method in "Baby & Toddler Sleep Solutions For Dummies." Their approach is a nurturing and realistic technique for frustrated and sleep-deprived parents that helps them set realistic goals by offering a variety of sleep solutions that fit every parenting style. It’s like no other book on the topic available, offering advice on:

  • The pros and cons of co-sleeping with baby
  • How to foster healthy sleep patterns for life
  • How to tailor your approach to your child's personality
  • Establishing bedtime rules in a nurturing way
  • Handling snoring, night terrors, bedwetting, and other distressing issues

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Our online learning courses are presented by Who's the Boss? Parenting Education Center and are based on the themes from the international hit books Who's the Boss? Moving Families From Conflict to Collaboration, and Baby & Toddler Sleep Solutions for Dummies, by Susan Glaser, MA, and Arthur Lavin, MD.

Who's the Boss? techniques have been successfully used by more than 10,000 families so you can be sure that when you put them into practice, you will see real progress and success nearly 100% of the time.


This course consists of 9 units presented in 3 segments. We recommend completing Segment One before taking Segments Two or Three, but you may take them in any order you choose.


Learn approaches to parenting that make you much more effective. Learn what is and what is not conflict between parent and child. Learn language techniques that can transform the experience of parenting.

Learn a new way to praise your child that will transform how your child sees their role in the world, enhance the power of what you say increasing your child's self-esteem, and enhance the power of your child to solve problems.

Learn your child's temperament and discover how it defines how you need to parent effectively.


What is discipline? How to engage your child in learning and following your rules. Learning how children think helps parents engage them in learning rules. Tools that really work in family discipline.

How your child's age defines your discipline strategy. Managing tantrums. Making child care work.

Making you and your family comfortable with the inevitable conflicts of sibling rivalry.


Sleep all night for the whole family.

Clean, dry pants.

How to resolve them. Peace at the family table. Relief from worry that your child is eating enough and eating well.


$50 per individual unit
$120 for one segment (contains three topically coordinated units)
$270 for 3 segments (contains nine units coordinated in three segments of three units each.
Enrollment includes class work and a copy